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Bath City Supporters Club AGM 2017 Minutes

SC Report March 2018

SC Report April 2018

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Report of Committee meeting

Twerton Park, 7 June 2018


  1. Apologies

All present with exception of Mark Tanner who resigned from the committee following the May meeting due to other commitments. Many thanks to Mark for all his hard work and especially for running the HQ on matchdays and for creating and hosting the website.

  1. Sign off of Previous Meeting Minutes

Action point – SM to investigate possibility of acquiring a licence for boot sales

  • Paul Williams doesn’t think one is needed but will be asked if the club’s licence is still valid following the departure of the weekly market.

Action point – GW to look into possibility of inviting auditor to a home match and report back

  • Auditor is presently on holiday. Decided to wait for publishing of fixtures.

Action point – SM to ask at management meeting about the possibility of some of the club’s matchday volunteers being assigned to the SC for selling tickets

  • Partially completed. SM to speak to Carole Banwell again.

Action point – MP to ask Jon Bickley if members’ discount on club merchandise can be continued in 18/19

  • Jon confirmed that this can continue.

Action point – MP to find invoice for HQ container to show proof of ownership.

  • Invoice not found (probably with a former committee member) but GW has proof of purchase.

Minutes signed off.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Accounts shared with committee.

The accounts are presently with the auditor.


  1. Training facility payment

MP has asked Paul Williams to let us know as soon as he knew the likely cost for the  2018/19  season.

Action point – SM to speak to Paul.


  1. Travel Co-ordinator report

CB has emailed Berkeley’s requesting quotes for 18/19 coaches.

The committee were happy with the letter inviting companies to sponsor the coach travel, as drafted by SW. It was agreed that this should be done through Bob Chester.

Action point – SW to email letter to Bob and cc SM so that he can follow up if necessary.

It was agreed to wait for the publication of the fixtures and the receiving of Berkeley’s quotes before making a decision on which trips will be organised by the SC and the fixing of fares.


  1. Tea bar report

It will be difficult to staff the tea bar for the Reading and Bristol City friendlies due to holidays. Because of the likely small attendances and that refreshments will be available at MoBQ, it was decided not to open for these matches.


  1. Match Day Draw report

MB will miss the Bristol City friendly so it was agreed that the HQ will not open and there will be no draw.


  1. HQ report

There was some discussion on the need to find a new HQ manager.

Action point – SM to ask Carole Banwell about possibility of one of the matchday volunteers being recruited.


  1. Supporters Club membership report

GW explained that he had managed to get 200 membership cards printed for a very good price.

It was agreed to keep the subscription rates at the same level and not change the details on the membership application form. However, the possibility of Bob Chester securing discounts from companies was suggested and it was agreed not to circulate the forms until we had an answer.

Action point – GW to speak to Bob.


  1. Fundraising/revisit Mark Bladwell’s ideas

Collection bin for foreign and old UK coins and notes – it was agreed that 25% of money collected should be donated to the club’s charity of the season (Air Ambulance)

Action point – MP to inform Bob Chester

Sponsored walk – it was agreed to fix a date once the fixtures were known.

Two additional fundraising ideas were discussed…

It was agreed that the SC should join the Easy Fundraising online shopping scheme.

Action point – CB to set up with the SC bank details.

MB explained that his cousin had sent him an autographed Spurs training top for auctioning.

Action point – MB to bring to July meeting


  1. AGM

MP pointed out that although it had been agreed to hold the AGM following the first home Saturday fixture in September, we would need to check the availability of a room first.

Action point – MP to book room once fixtures are known.


  1. Items for next agenda

Coach travel

Training payments

AGM date


  1. Any Other Business

SC website – we will need someone to host following Mark Tanner’s resignation.