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Report of Committee meeting

Twerton Park, August 2018


  1. Apologies

Steve Wiltshire

  1. Sign off of Previous Meeting Minutes


  1. Action point – CB to ask Berkeley’s about quotes for Oxford, Wealdstone, Gloucester, Dulwich and Hungerford.
    • Completed
  2. Action point – CB to inform Berkeley’s that we will only require coaches for fifteen trips.
    • Completed
  3. Action point – MP to calculate the coach fares once Berkeley’s had confirmed the quotes.
    • Completed
  4. Action point – CB to ask Berkeley’s for a quote for a possible day trip to Torquay.
    • Completed
  5. Action point – MP + SM to agree on departure times.
    • Completed
  6. Action point – MP to post all coach arrangements on forum until the website problem is resolved.
    • Completed
  7. Action point – MB to give draw ticket sponsors’ names to AG so that they can be given free membership.
    • Completed
  8. Action point – MB to ask Mark Tanner for HQ key.
    • Completed
  9. Action point – SM to ask John Millard for board advertising membership
    • Completed
  10. Action point – MP to provide wording for John.
    • N/A
  11. Action point – SM to get special bucket for donations from cellar and think about best place to locate on matchdays.
    • Completed – buckets to be located in Charlie’s and SC HQ
  12. Action point – SM to give this some thought to a sponsored walk now that the fixtures are known.
    • Completed – possibly prior to Welling fixture in September
  13. Action point – SM to book JRL for 5 pm on 8 September for AGM
    • Completed
  14. Action point – MP to complete the arrangements for sending AGM announcements to members on 5 + 24 August
    • Completed

At the June meeting it was reported that the club should be able to offer some matchday volunteers to help in the HQ and with selling draw tickets. However, it now appears that this will not be possible for the early fixtures due to so many volunteers either being on holiday or not returning to university until September.

The minutes were signed off.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The accounts were shared with the committee

  1. Training facility payment

It was agreed to pay £500 to the club.

  1. Travel Co-ordinator report

Berkeley’s had pointed out that the quote for Gloucester was incorrect and a revised quote will be sent.

Ken Loach is happy to continue to pay for a seat on each trip.

As Truro will be playing home fixtures at Torquay it was agreed that a coach be provisionally booked in the hope that this evening fixture will attract sufficient support.

With 26 already booked for Torquay it was agreed that the decision to go for an early arrival was worthwhile.

  1. Tea bar report

The tea bar did not open for two friendlies due to staff holidays.

The takings so far have been used to buy stock so nothing banked so far.

  1. Match Day Draw report

The draw was held at all of the friendlies.

  1. HQ report

It was agreed that the HQ manager’s role needs editing as many of the tasks listed are connected to the matchday draw. This might make it easier to recruit a new manager.

The issue of members not being able to buy club stock at the HQ was discussed.

Action point – MP to contact Jon Bickley and Carole Banwell, explaining the situation and requesting that members be able to use their 10% discount at the club shop when buying merchandise until a HQ manager is appointed.

  1. Supporters Club membership report

Eleven members renewed at the Open Day and nine more joined

  1. Fundraising ideas

The Easy Fundraising scheme has been set up and £2 is showing in the account.

It was agreed to hold another quiz in October/November

Action point – MP to contact Scott Wheatley

  1. Collecting bucket arrangements

A second bucket will be used.

Action point – members to be informed – MP via website and forum/SM via programme

  1. AGM

The draft of the chairman’s report had been shared prior to the meeting. Some additions and amendments were suggested.

Action point – MP to inform SW

It was pointed out that the constitution states that paid employees of the club cannot stand for election. No one present could understand the reason for this.

Action point – MP to propose motion at the AGM that this be deleted from the constitution.

Announcement and nominations forms to be sent to members at the weekend.

Action point – MP to send receipts for photocopying, stamps and envelopes to GW for reimbursement.

Action point – AG to send MP details of any new members so that they can be sent details of the AGM.

  1. SC website, Facebook, Twitter

Mark Tanner has given MP a tutorial on the website and it has now been updated.

It was agreed to add the constitution.

AG kindly volunteered to take on the role of social media manager.

Action point – MP to send AG log in and password details

  1. Items for next agenda


Sponsored walk

  1. Any Other Business